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Property Selling Process

Selling your home is a personal process that involves a lot of preparation. Letting go of memories can be hard, but we’ll help you make the best of your experience.

Find the right agent

You’ve decided you want to sell your home–great! Now it’s time to work with someone who’s knowledgeable about the market, well connected, and can help sell your home quickly. That’s where your realtor comes in. At, our agents use their localized expertise and experience to guide you through the home selling process with ease.

Estimate your home’s value

The value of your home changes over time due to a variety of factors including the housing market, upgrades to your home, or changes in the neighborhood. That means the price you sell your home for likely won’t be the same as what you bought it for. Your agent will be able to give you an accurate valuation of your home based on competitive market analysis; this generally relies on the pricing of similar homes sold in your area.

Get your home ready to show

Market your home

Get offers and negotiate

Close the deal

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