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1- Find a Realtor

With Premium Group Realty , you will start your buying process.

2- Your Mortgage Pre-Approval

You will meet with your licensed Loan Officer to obtain a pre-approval so you know your buying power is before looking at homes.

3 - Home Search

Your local Realtor will show you the homes in the market area you’re looking for and keep you informed about new listings that you may not be aware of.

4 - Making an Offer

Your Realtor will write up a sales agreement, and then negotiating starts.

5 - Scheduling Your Home Inspection

You will be there along with the home inspector and your Realtor. This is where you’ll find out if there are any issues with the home you’re purchasing.

6 - Contract of Sale

Once the contract is fully executed, you will have an attorney review period, during which your attorney will review your contract for you.

7 - Starting Loan Application

This is when your loan will be officially approved and committed.

8 - Insurance policy for your home


9 - Scheduling Your Closing Date

Your closing and title work will be scheduled with your settlement agent.

10 - Moving Time!

You will receive your keys and now is the time to enjoy your new home!

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